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Putting in "Market Orders" for both old crop in storage and new crop sales is a good idea. Let us watch the market for you. Know what you want for your grain and get the price when and if it becomes available. 


A phone call or email is all we need.


Log onto to see Tickets, Inventory and Contracts.  Use the same email you now receive tickets with, as your login.  Request a password which will be sent to you. We will still be emailing tickets as soon as they are posted.  (You will have to start a new browser page and goto from there.)






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Wheat Markets Up 2 to 3 Cents Per Bushel -

Overnight wheat trading has nudged wheat futures 2 to 3 cents higher. Wheat also closed higher on Tuesday. Chicago SRW futures made fractional to 2

Soybean Market Extends Tuesday Weakness -

Beans followed the Turnaround Tuesday trading with losses of 1 to 4 cents this morning. Beans ended yesterday 1 3/4 to 3 3/4 cents lower. Soymeal

Cattle Futures Retain Premium to Cash -

After a narrow range of trading, front month live cattle futures closed 2 to 52 cents lower. October fats ended Tuesday with a 25 cent gain. Feeder

Lean Hogs See Selling Pressure on Hams -

Lean hog futures were 35 to 82 cents in the red at the closing bell on Tuesday. OI in July was at 17,752 contracts on Monday ahead of next week’s

Cotton Trading Both Sides of UNCH -

Cotton is anywhere from 7 points lower to 1 point higher this morning. That is about the same as saying hovering near UNCH. On Tuesday, cotton

Ag Market Commentary -

After the Turnaround Tuesday trading session, corn futures are 2 to 3 cents lower again this morning. Yesterday’s prices closed 1 1/2 to 4 1/4

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